Corruption and Discrimination in Foreign & Commonwealth Office


The corruption and discrimination within the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, especially within “Consular Services” section; the Government Department that is not an “independent / autonomous body, Corruption is insidious. It is very dangerous because it is so contagious. It can spread like a virus to the whole population. People complain and resent the corruption of politicians, protesting that it is their entire fault. Politicians carry much responsibility of course, but the problem becomes really tricky, when the majority of people, from the wider population, begin to participate, to share benefits from the corruption, feeling sometimes that they have no other choice in an unjust system or being simply seduced by the gains.

it is important to fight corrupt legislation and corrupt FCO Staff with all ethical means, but what about the ‘small’ corruption of everyday life, the one which touches with its luring breath every citizen, trapping him into that big sticky ball of injustice, which then gets bigger and bigger, too hard to dissolve? This is really important: when Foreign & Commonwealth Office corrupts the people, they take away their power. It is already hard enough for an honest population to get rid of corrupt FCO Staff & authority persons.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Some politicians know this. And they ‘sweetly’ corrupt their people, because, in this way, they castrate them… People from UK where everyday level corruption is scarce or, at least, invisible, may find the concept of ‘people corruption’ hard to understand, But, when one lives and works in an environment, where corruption is, more or less, the norm, where everything seems to operate in unjust, non-transparent ways, People in such situations (and it happens more often and in more places than one thinks) are presented with difficult dilemmas, when it comes to using unethical means to survive their way through. Refusing corruption is ultimately a spiritual test of integrity and faith to each one of us individually and as a human society.